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A new approach of the mining software

Pickminer is an all-in-one NVIDIA and AMD mining software currently on Windows and Linux. Users can enjoy their mining by creating templates, setting up their overclocking, and monitoring their ongoing mining thanks to detailed statistics in an all-in-one place. The whole is integrated into a friendly and ergonomic user interface. Currently on Ravencoin, Neoxa and Firo, it is planned to add more Proof of Work cryptocurrencies later.

Mining with a
all-in-one software

The ambition is to offer you the best possible mining tool with the addition of features that will improve your mining experience. In addition, we have planned to add as many Proof of Work cryptocurrencies as possible. With this aim in mind, we are focused on 3 essential points; stability, performance, and simplicity of use. We think these are the most important requirements to enjoy your mining.


Stability is the main thing when you mine. A stable software enables to mine continuously without any issue or without losing performance. As a consequence, there will be a positive impact on your earnings.


Performance is also important because the more performance you have the better will be your earnings. Our goal is to provide non-stop work to improve the performances of all the algorithms present on Pickminer.


Pickminer must be easy to use. It is very important for us that our ecosystem and our features will be accessible to anyone, whether you are a beginner or a confirmed miner.


With Pickminer, you will be able to mine Ravencoin or Neoxa (KawPOW) or Firo (FiroPOW). There are solid proof-of-work projects that request at least a 4Gb VRAM graphic card.

Mining Ravencoin with Pickminer
Manage your overclocking with Pickminer

Manage your overclocking

You can directly overclock your graphic cards on Pickminer. Find the same overclocking options as MSI Afterburner. Increase your hashrate by changing memory and core clock and monitor your card temperature by adjusting the fan speed.

Enjoy a friendly user interface

No more command lines! Enjoy a simple and friendly launcher where you can create a mining template, set up your overclock, start your mining and track it thanks to our detailed statistics panel.

Mining display of Pickminer mining software

What is next for Pickminer?

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Mining OS additions (Minerstat, RaveOS, EasyMining OS)

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Proof of Work cryptocurrencies additions (Ethereum Classic, Flux, Ergo)

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the developer fee?

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The developer fee is currently fixed at 1.5% for Ravencoin, Neoxa, Firo. The miner automatically mines for developers 2 minutes every 133 minutes.

Why there is an antivirus alert when I download and install Pickminer?

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Some antiviruses can treat Pickminer as a potential virus for your hardware. Obviously, our software is completely safe for use. Be sure to always download Pickminer on our website; https://pickminer.com, or on our GitHub page https://github.com/Pickminer/Pickminer.

Why I cannot overclock my graphic card on the Linux version?

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Overclocking tool integration on Linux version is more complicated than on Windows. With the aim of offering you a stable version of the software, we have disabled the option on the Linux version because it may cause some issues during your mining experience.

Once we find a clean result, we will activate this option, so Linux users can enjoy the same features as Windows users.

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Discover our software with its template management features and an integrated overclocking tool.

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